Reason #2394823 Why I Hate Work

The amount of time that I spend with my friends and boyfriend is about the size of a mouse’s testicles and getting smaller by the minute. Pretty soon I won’t have anyone to hang out with except twenty year olds who are trying to get free drinks from the skeezy bartenders who incessantly post ads for their drink specials on as many facebook groups as possible, and will have to resort to lurking near said watering holes hoping someone will not notice that I am not in fact a student but just a sad McSadderson looking for love in a hopeless place. (If Rihanna can find it, so can I, dammit.)


P.S.–This week will probably only get worse since a swarm of American students is set to arrive on Thursday. I had a gaggle of them in the office today taking over an hour past office closing hours to decide whether or not they wanted to travel with us or sit with their thumbs up their butts in Florence all weekend.

P.P.S–You should probably also know that I have a raging case of PMS and am probably suffering from some weird island virus that I picked up in Elba.

P.P.P.S–I will eventually stop PPSing long enough to write about my weekend vacation in Elba which was, in fact, quite hilarious and also lots of fun and giggles and involves several pictures of butts.

Author: The Florence Diaries

Living in Florence means always looking out for mystery poo on the sidewalk.

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  1. UM LOVE THIS POST. I highly suggest you make an extra twitter account likened to @meanwaiter but title it @meantourguide and tweet all of the annoying things you hear each day. I for one would be your number one follower. 😉

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