Italians don’t get drunk: Busting the myth.

One great thing about living in Italy is getting to observe Italians in their natural habitat.  Many stereotypes and myths are spread about Italians, my favorite one is the one that says Italians are a bunch of overall-wearing plumbers that run around stomping on sneaky mushrooms and saving princesses from evil dragons.


Another great rumor about Italians is that they don’t get drunk. Well lucky for you I am here to tell you that I have done extensive research on this subject, all for the sake of you readers out there in Internet-landia.  I have had to spend many a late night drinking wine in all the bars of Florence (all in the name of research, mind you) to try and get to the bottom of this mystery, all to satisfy your curiosity.

Finding proof of drunk Italians is not as easy as one might expect.  I know you must be thinking “But how can that be true? Italy is home of wine and grappa!  They drink it with every meal!” and you are right. You can even get your coffee with a little splash of Sambuca if you’ve  had a particularly tiring morning. However, it is important not to underestimate the sneakiness factor of an Italian, especially after a few glasses of vino.

Never underestimate the sneakiness of an Italian with their own brand of liquor.

So far my initial search has produced some excellent results. I can report that I have in fact found plenty of boozed up Italians roaming around the piazzas of Florence, sometimes even wearing crowns of leaves if they are particularly good at getting drunk. I have been told that these crowns are symbolic of knowledge and wisdom, probably of all things wine-related.

A very wise Italian man with his crown of leaves.

Unfortunately I have yet to take my own pictures as evidence of my findings, however I remain dedicated to my task and will update you all with more proof once I  have it.


Author: The Florence Diaries

Living in Florence means always looking out for mystery poo on the sidewalk.

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  1. The “leaves crown”, more precisely of laurel leaves, is a tradition of our university system: when students graduate from Uni, they wear the crown (and then get s**t-faced drunk during the celebrations).

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