Welcome to Zola’s Corner!  Please click any of the topics from the drop down menu above to discover what life as a dog in Italy is like. P.S–it totally rules (unless you get abandoned on the highway. then life sucks until someone comes to rescue you.  Which totally happened to me but then someone found me WEEE I LOVE PEOPLE!!!!)

Hi guys! I'm Zola.
Hi guys! My name is Gorgonzola, but you can call me Zola…Everybody does.

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  1. Hi Gina, this is kind of random but I came across your blog looking animal services in Florence. I just arrived from New York to my uncles place right outside of Florence and saw that his neighbors leave their dog out in a cage all day. I was wondering if you know of any rescues or any animal services that I might be able to contact. Thanks in advance! Mariam

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